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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 22, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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hard to get the -- i was wondering what response you had to that and also any comment on what chances you think of getting the bill done. >> i think that senator reid is and carol brown and other members of the administration are on the hill now with democratic senators to discuss how best to move forward on energy legislation. the president is committed to moving comprehensive energy legislation, understanding that in the environment that we live, everything takes 6 0 votes in te u.s. senate. which means there has to be bipartisan support and bipartisan cooperation for getting things done. i do know there's discussions about ensuring that increasing
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oil spill liability is part of the letting in dealing with the results of the bp oil spill and that will certainly be in whatever legislation is taken up. >> in terms of bp, what are you hearing about the prospect of a tropical storm and evacuations? >> admiral allen is going to brief later on today and he'll have more on this, but the depression warnings have gone out for the bahamas and parts of south florida as and the president received a briefing as you all got the readout for in the situation room yesterday, both about where we are on the cap and that process as well as the trajectory of the storm potentially leading across
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florida and into the gulf. the protocols admiral allen gale force winds, so winds in excess of 30 miles an hour at the site, that preparation should begin 120 hours prior to that event in terms of moving that equipment out of the area. obviously the equipment is owned by different companies and so transocean and bp and others all will make individual decisions
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as companies about when they would move equipment. i think there's no doubt that this storm has intensified, and decisions will be made probably likely later this afternoon. on moving some of that equipment out of there. for instance, the dd-3 which is the rig drillingç the relief wl that is closest to the active well right now, about five feet away from it, is that and the q-4,000 which is is boat burning the oil recovered through the original cap, those decisions i'm told will be made about 8:00 tonight about whether or not to move those assets. later this afternoon, i think they will have a decision and i would tune in to admiral allen's briefing for more information on this. about what we do with the
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ceiling cap during a hurricane. during the briefing yesterday, secretary chu and members of the scientific team and members that have been working on the monitoring, the seismic -- reading the seismic material on the testing have been encouraged by what they have seen, being assured by yesterday that the well is stable. so he's encouraged by what he has seen in the testing conducted using the ceiling cap. i think the final decision again, if the area is evacuated, whether to keep that sealing cap on is a decision that will be made over the course of the next several hours. >> thanks. >> yes, sir. >> secretary gates today
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announced that the obama was lifting a more than decade long ban to america's military system to indonesia's special forces unit. the special forces unit has been accused of all sorts of serious crimes. >> i don't have anything on this, jake, i would point you over to the pentagon on that. >> i have a question about ms. sherrod. has the president seen the full 45-minute video or at least parts? >> he mentioned that he had read the full transcript of her interview -- not of herç interview, but of her speech. >> what was his personal reaction to her story? >> i don't remember exactly what he said on the call, but i think they talked about how -- he talked about experiences that he had had and written about in his book that in some ways were
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similar to the experiences that she has written and talked about as part of that speech. >> can you elaborate a little? >> that's literally all that was said about that? >> overcoming his own biases and his own -- >> he just talked about what he had written in his book. >> could you just elaborate on his reactions to her speech or to the call? >> he thought she was -- look, obviously she's got a remarkable story, he expressed his apologies for the events of the last several days. obviously, again, this is a woman who has a unique set of experiences, both before this incident and now. so i think that, again, he was -- he thought she was very
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gracious and i would say as we do in the readout, the president expressed to ms. sherrod that secretary vilsack had -- he believed been extremely sincere in his comments yesterday and his apologies and believed that he was also equally sincere about the work that he has leading at the department of agriculture to ensure that the department's activities are conducted without discrimination. >> yesterday during the briefing someone asked whether the administration would be putting forward sheryl cook so she could talk about what was said with ms. sherrod and you directed that question to the usda. now that the president has apologized to ms. sherrod, buy not put that foot forward? >> i point you over to the usda
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on that. i don't know if you talked to usda.ç >> but she's a person who supposedly said that the white house -- >> if you want to talk to the secretary or the deputy secretary, call the department of agriculture. >> where is sheryl cook? >> i assume at the department of agriculture. >> so no plans that -- >> if you're interested in talking to the secretary, call the department of agriculture. >> is the president not allowing people to talk to her? >> again, contact the department of agriculture. >> this was supposed to be a week focusing on the economy, sort of an economy week, and this story has dominated the headlines. any frustration that the message was lost behind this? >> no. >> you said that the president would speak on this at some point, is there any progress on that. no. >> is he avoiding speaking on
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this? somebody shouted a question earlier in the signing today about employment s that going to happen in a place with reporters in the room? >> i don't know how the bill will be signed. i know the president is anxious to sign it. we have unemployment benefits that you know, if you're -- if you have exhausted your state unemployment benefits at 26 weeks, despite the fact that normally through the recovery act, we extended benefits through the 99th week, people, 2.5 million people have lost their benefits. >> will he sign it with just photographers so he won't have to answer questions? >> -- you said that obliterated other news for about a week. is that why the president is coming out and talking about this publicly? he wants to avoid this kind of media firestorm so we can keep this focused on other issues.
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may i ask you a substantive question on unemployment insurance as opposed to procedural questions. >> as a point of order, could you just circle that? >> the president made the case that there's a lot of waste, fraud and abuse. did the white house at least try to find $30 billion worth of waste, fraud and abuse thatç ty could pay for the unemployment insurance? >> i don't know if you were here last week when we i think discussed this twice. unemployment benefits and extending unemployment insurance has and i believe rightfully should be considered emergency spending, we're in the midst of an economic downturn unlike anything we have seen since, as i have said in here 1,000 times, anything since the late 1920s. that demands special action.
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the long-term unemployed are a big part of that 8.5 million jobs that have been lost. it took the senate four different times just to get to this point. and thankfully we have, republicans like susan collins and olympia snowe who have understood that as they have voted in the past to extend unemployment benefits as emergency spending unlike some who have seen this as a perfect opportunity to play politics. such as there is a bill on the floor now to cut taxes on small business which the president greatly supports. there e there's' 'for as many times as
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most republicans talk small business, there's an effort to block that. i think the newspapers had it quite correctly this morning that,'s because of politics. >> we can get that benefit from unemployment benefits in the past. >> we have been listening to press secretary robert gibbs give a lot of explanations about the things that are going on in washington right now, dealing with unemployment benefits that has now gotten the votes it needs to pass the house of representatives but more importantly talking about whether the president has spoken to shirley sherrod. mike, it happened shortly after noon today? >> reporter: actually it was about an hour ago, about 1:00 eastern time, weç found out th the president had indeed been successful in trying to place a call to shirley sherrod. about 12:35 eastern time today, they spoke for seven minutes. oddly enough, the president had a difficult time contacting ms. sherrod. tried to contact her a few times last night and was ultimately
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successful today. the conversation did not include an extension of an invitation to ms. sherrod to visit the white house. that was one of the questions that robert gibbs just fielded. she's of course does have a offer proffered for a new job, which would be a much larger portfolio to say the least at the department of agriculture, to study, look at and heal some of the racial rifts that continue up until this day. the president said in a statement from the white house that he expressed to ms. sherrod his regret about the events of the last several days. he emphasized that secretary vilsack was sincere in his apology yesterday in his work to rid the usda of discrimination he also told ms. sherrod that this presents an opportunity. and the president also talked about some of the experiences he had and wrote about in his book
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"the audacity of hope" about some of the misfortunes and the difficulties and challenges that ms. sherrod has faced in her own life. >> congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, she's a member of the congressional black caucus. are you glad to know that the president called shirley sherrod? do you think it was necessary to move this story forward that that call be made? >> i think it was appropriate, the appropriate mea culpa had been done by secretary vilsack. but the issue was highly unusual. had indicated obvious -- and the white house had been implicated, though, of course, vilsack has taken all of the responsibility, but when the white house's name is called out, then of course it's appropriate for the president to do exactly what he did. and what i really liked about what he did is that he talked about the usda department of
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agriculture in the south.ç shirley sherrod grew up at a time when the most racist part of the federal government was -- were the agents in the usda, that's why the black caucus now is pressing in the war supplemental for the federal government to keep its promise to pay out a settlement promise to these farmers so deep was the discriminati discrimination. here is a black woman who lived with that, who saw white farmers served, black farmers not, who got in a position herself saying what am i doing serving white farmers. used her story about how her own development in the process told her she must do the same for his white farmers and the secretary depends upon a website without considering the source of a hugely antagonistic conservative
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blogger, who i must say has not yet explained whether he saw the entire video, if he didn't clip it, who should, since he's the source of it. >> congresswoman, when it comes to shirley sherrod, dining she should accept this position that has been offered to her by secretary vilsack, that's maybe been discussed with the president today? >> that's such a personal decision, shirley sherrod i now understand is married to charles sherr sherrod, who was in the student nonviolence committee with me. she's married to a legendary civil rights hero who was at the height of the black and white movement together. one of the reasons that it seems to me charles sherrod would have been married to someone who didn't share his views. i'm sure that ms. sherrod has to think about her whole family in deciding what to do next in her
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and welcome back, we go straight to that developing weather story that's happening in the caribbean. the weather channel's eric fisher has an update on the tropical depression. what's going to be the threshold that's going to take this to a named storm? >> we need to get up over that 45-mile-per-hour threshold. that could happen later on this evening. this morning they looked at this
2:21 pm
storm and there's enough thunderstorm warning to call this a tropical depression. the storm is looking a little bit unorganizeded at this moment. you do find a little bit of circulation, but that circulation is on the southwestern side of the storm. generally we're talking about it right in here, where you see that lower arrow. that means the storm is being sheared, it's sort of blown off to the north and the east. there's the latest issuance as of 2:00 p.m. eastern daylight time, 35-mile-per-hour winds, it's moving pretty briskly off to the west northwest at 15 miles an hour. we do have some tropical storm warnings for all of the northwestern bahamas. if you're on vacation there right now, things not looking so good. also golden beach south through the keys, you're also not looking too good. we also have a tropical storm watch from goldenç beach up to
2:22 pm
jupiter beach. thenally this should continue on a west northwest motion. you do notice that in all of those reports, are bringing this up into a rapid intensification or a hurricane, but those winds will certainly be enough to disrupt some of that activity as we head into the gulf, the oil clean up will be impacted by some very gusty winds, some squally conditions as also some very heavy rains as this storm moves through. >> i want to check in now with what's going on in the gulf, the trouble in the region there with the tropical depression looming already causing the oil leak site in the gulf to go under some evacuations. nbc's charles hadlock joins us from venice, louisiana. so as this approaches, what are they doing in the relief efforts there? >> reporter: well, we'll get an update from admiral thad allen coming up in about an hour from now, and he will likely say some
2:23 pm
of the operations will be discontinued if the winds are over 40 miles an hour. some of the vessels would have to pull away. in terms of the cleanup along the coast, a lot of that has already been suspended to get the ships in safe harbor as the storm moves over the coast, into the gulf of mexico over the next 24 hours or so, so what we're looking at now is a stop in the action, that's for sure, because the relief well was just hours away from being poured, the final casing and they were hoping to begin the final kill of the bottom well, of the bottom kill procedure this weekend, but that has been postponed until after the storm passes by. >> we want to check in now with some breaking news that's coming to us out of atlanta, we're learning that flight 1457, a flight from atlanta to portland actually blew a tire. we're giving you a shot there of
2:24 pm
jackson hartsfield atlanta airport. that plane is now circling. highway tragedy in california to tell you about. six people are dead and at least 30 are injured in a greyhound bus accident. early this morning a bus driver swerved to mis ed td to miss an fres fresno. a story that we have been following in wyoming. the body of a missing climber has been found in grand teton national park. the rescuers and a helicopter found the body on the west face of the grand teton mountain. yesterday helicopters helped 16 people who were stranded on a mountain. witnesses say they saw the 17th climber go over a cliff. it's a very vicious cycle, they can't get a job so they have no money to spend at the mall, so now the favorite
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and just moments ago, congress pushed through an extension of unemployment insurance that could go to the president's desk and become law as early as tonight. that means that those expecting unemployment checks could get them in about two to four weeks. this as the labor department claims jobless claims rose last week. a new study says that nearly 2/3 of americans believe the economy hasn't bottomed out just yet. the survey conducted by hart research associates said that more than half of americans aren't taking summer vacations because they just can't afford ç
2:29 pm
them. it's the economy. it is summertime and for many teens it means a summer job. but that's not true anymore. it's a tough job market for anybody that's looking for a job, and while the national unemployment rate is high at 9.6%. it's even higher for teens, at 25%. this is according to national statistics, michael saltsman joins us now to talk about this. that's an incredible number to see those numbers so high? >> it's unfortunate, but it is very high. in states like california, one in three teens can't find work. i think the obvious reason is the worst economic downturn since the great depression, but as the labor market is slowly starting to recover, and you still have key unemployment rates up above 10%, i think people are scratching their heads and asking why. and one reason is the 40% increase in the federal minimum
2:30 pm
wage. it's more expensive for employers to hire these 16 and 17-year-old teen who is just don't have a lot of experience. >> and is it because older people that are out of work and they're taking lesser jobs and are more experienced? they're showing up for jobs and taking jobs that a 19 or 20-year-old would take. >> teens are facing competition from more experienced workers and employers are looking for more experienced workers because it's more expensive to hire people right now so they're looking to offset that cost however they k we just released a study that showed a steady decrease in teen unemployment because employers are looking for ways to do more with less. >> what are the long-term consequences of this, michael? >> teens that don't have jobs are at a greater risk of earning low wages in the future. they're at a greater risk of dropping out of high school, they're more likely to end 7-in
2:31 pm
the criminal justice system. so it's something that congress needs to address and they need to address it by making it easier for employers to get them in the job. >> a lot of people just have gigs, go from one gig to the next, it would be nice to have a permanent job for everyone out there. >> especially for teens there are at home on the couch right now, they need those skills to move up in the labor force. and of course!ge want to continue closely watching the storm in the caribbean, it's been upgraded today to a tropical depression, it is expected to become a tropical storm called bonnie by saturday. tropical storm watches and warnings have already been issued for south florida. you see the trajectory there. the storm is expected to stay south of the oil leak site, but it's already disrupting operations at the leak side. crews aboard dozens of ship at the leak site are preparing to evacuate. the new containment cap on the ruptured well may also have to be reopened.
2:32 pm
that cap has been stopping the gushing oil now for a week. meantime, we have an update on a story that apparently touched so many of you after seeing it last month on nbc nightly news or here on msnbc. it's the story of a fish processing plant that had to close because of the oil spill in the gulf. the story triggered a response for so many viewers out there? >> reporter: some story also do that. and nobody can pinpoint buy they do that. sometimes it's the nature of the work they do, or even how much they love their jobs, but people just suddenly feel compelled to reach out. where we're standing right now, this was temporarily but indefinitely the ameripure oyster company. they were forced to lay off 43 workers, nbc nightly news did a story on these people. and then people from everywhere around the country, just
2:33 pm
complete strangers started writing to them with words of encouragement, prayers, and checks, i mean there was one man in maryland who decided to donate all of his hard earned overtime pay for the last three months to these workers. thousands of dollars worth. other people sent in checks for $100 or even just a few and what that meant today for these workers was that they were each handed a check and someone donated food for them to take home and then there will be more coming. it's just been this real outpouring. here's what we heard from the owner of the company when the story first aired lasu0month. >> we have a good company here. and we hope to be able to get back to where we were. >> reporter: and that's an unknown? >> it's an unknown now. >> reporter: well, it's still an unknown. they don't know when they'll be
2:34 pm
able to reopen. they think they will at some point. right now they're looking at november as a target date. when you talk to people who had worked here, it's really a month to month, week to week battle and to hear about that and how they're having to scrimp and pinch. one worker here moved in with another worker so they could share the rent and utilities. they're doing things like that and what's phenomenal is to see how much viewers generosity has made a difference in their lives, for many of these people it's a difference between paying the bills each month and sinking. for one mother it was the difference between having a birthday party for her 1-year-old and canceling it. and a 4-year-old said i want the money that would have been spent on my birthday party to be sent down to this 1-year-old. the rest of america cares about them is thinking about them and
2:35 pm
is willing to open their hearts. >> it keeps hope alive but it breaks the heart to see so many of these stories come to light. michelle k michelle kozinsky. this is happening in atlanta. it's delta flight 1457 from atlanta to portland, oregon. apparently it blew a tire on takeoff. it's circling the airport to burn off fuel before it comes back in. delta flight 1457 was taking off from atlanta to portland, oregon. it blew a tire on takeoff. we'll bring you the very latest right here on msnbc.
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this is hard to even say, but can you imagine no summer vacation for kids? during their time away from school, many students are falling behind academically,
2:39 pm
especially low income kids. i want to start off referencing what the article talks about is how american kids fall behind, they call it the summer learning loss in the magazine because of summer breaks, but there's a huge gap when he look at this between low income students and kids from families who are a little better off, why is that? >> well, it's because of what we think of as summer, you know, for my kids, summer vacation involves swim team and some summer camps, things like that. but for a lot of underprivileged kids, there's nothing to do in the summer. it's not even safe to go outside and ride a bicycle to the library, they may not have a bicycle to ride. and so for them, summer is a time that's dull, it's uninteresting, it's unstimulating, and what happens is that whatever they had picked up in school the previous year, they start to lose it very quickly. and so over the course of five
2:40 pm
or six years in school, you'll see these kids fall behind by as many as two to three years, all because of having nothing to do in the summer. >> and we're seeing all these images of kids out there having fun, i mean summertime is, when we think about it about being outside, having fun, playing with your friends and of course taking time off from having to be around all the books, kids these days are lugging around all these heavy backpacks, but what's the answer? because you did come up with some places that have some really great ideas for kids out there, especially the low income ones. >> i visited programs in indianapolis and in)kansas cit and talked to folks in kentucky, all over the country, people are finding ways to do summer enrichment for underprivileged kids without making it the sort of punitive remedial summer school that we all think of as a kind of a prison.
2:41 pm
there's a program that i talk about in indianapolis where they have built the whole summer around the world cup and every morning, the kids come in and they learn about a different country. one week, the week i was there, they were studying italy. they were writing pretend newspaper stories about italy. they were making canoli in the lunch room. they were out in the garden growing vegetables and in the afternoon they played soccer and they would go on field trips, so it didn't feel like school, but they were doing a lot of what educators call stealth learning, they were learning when they didn't realize it. >> staying active. when i went to summer camp, i came home with chicken pocks. -- chicken po kmrks. brad pitt and angelina jolie
2:42 pm
take on the tabloids and they win. we're going to get the scoop from "today"'s pop culture columnist. you've got brangelina. >> news of the world announcement that they had visited this divorce attorney and were separating their hundreds of millions of dollars and kids in a divorce agreement and it lit everyone on fire. it lit all news outlets, magazines here, this story was heard literally around the world. brad and an jegelina took them court and they're forcing them to issue a public apology. it's interesting which ones couples actually decide to fight and which ones they win. >> now they'll be in the headlines over their nondivorce. >> exactly.ç
2:43 pm
>> now espn and an ombudsman. don olmeyer, the ombudsman for espn. we were all sucked into the lebron james announcement. he's actually speaking out against his old employer saying the decision was a big mistake, there's a lot to be ashamed of in that instance. he says that in a 4,600 word editorial on the matter. it wasn't a tip exposeding a cover-up. this was the saga of an athlete willing to unveil a two-word headline. south beach. it was seriously one of the most self- self-indulgement hour. it's interesting that the
2:44 pm
backlash still continues. >> i watched it, just between you and me, i thought it was dry as dirt. i thought it was really dry, but i still watched. >> it was just so hyped and so self-indulgent for lebron james. thank you so much for the very latest in entertainment news, log on to frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement, get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade.
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in today's true crime, police in southern california are asking for the public's help in tracking down the killer of a 17-year-old girl. officials in moreno county are now confirming that a body found tuesday along an empty stretch of road is that ofç norma lope on her way home from summer school. authorities are now saying they're conducting a vehicle checkpoint and contacting all registered sex offenders in that area. i want to get the latest from our crime reporter michelle segona.
2:48 pm
>> what's interesting is that investigators told me that when she left her school last week, she had left her summer school classes around 10:00 a.m. she walked out front and crossed to go across the field to go meet her sister. that's when something happened, something went terribly wrong. we don't know. we spoke with norma's sister who said that when she didn't show up, she went out to look for her and found her belongings in the field. this is a place where a car or another vehicle could actually cut through, so possibly there could be an suv that could be connected. >> if i remember correctly, there was evidence of a struggle that occurred in that field. >> i can tell you that her body was found about 2 1/2 to three mile ace what from where she went missing. she was not in a shallow grave at all, she was thrown in a field, there was some grass
2:49 pm
grown up around here and someone came across her body and called 911. so at this particular point, everyone is on edge in this particular area, this is a young girl, she's only 17 years old, she was attending her summer school classes, she's one of seven children, her family is very close knit, and so we really need those tips out there, if anyone has any information, please pick up the phone, contact crime stoppers, you can always remain an anonymous. >> michelle, thank you and we do hope that they track down that young lady's killer. we have information on that breaking news in atlanta with nbc news confirming that that plane has not landed. it's flight 1457 from atlanta to portland, oregon. it blew a tire on takeoff and they're now circling to burn off fuel before landing. but we're hearing from our sources in atlanta that the plane may be landing in a few
2:50 pm
minutes. we'll bring you all the detailsç
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it is an uncredible number but true -- excuse me, we're going to go back to some breaking news right now out of atlanta. i want to give you information about flight 1457, this is the story we have been following, that a flight that took off from atlanta to portland, oregon blew a tire on takeoff. we understand that it's been circling the airport there at hartsfield-jackson airport out of an abundance of caution obviously. but they're going to get that plane down hopefully within the next five to ten minutes. but we're keeping our eye on that story for you. 247 billion e-mails, that's amazing but that's the numbers that are sent every day. it's no surprise that more and more americans are suffering from e-mail overload. that constant barrage of new e-mails causing your inbox to
2:54 pm
swell up. and more people are feeling overwhelmed by their work e-mail. one in five adults who received work related e-mail say they receive more e-mail each day than they can actually manager. she's the author of a great book called conquer cyber overload. i want to get right to the survey. people said that 50 work related e-mails a day was actually manageable. what's your take on that? is that actually manageable? >> well, it sounds like a lot to me, anyway. i think it depends on what you have to do with those e-mails and also what else you're trying to do. if you'reç trying to get anythg done, you have're trying to think, if you're trying to be creative, then constantly being barraged by new input does not help. it's stressful and it kores --
2:55 pm
>> you have tips on how to get the blackberrys out of our hands and not get so homed. overwhelmed. what are they are? >> one is to set up your computer or your blackberry to be on your side rather than to be harassing you all the time. that means that you can filter your e-mail into the appropriate folder, if it's spam, get rid of it right away before you see it. and if you have to know things the second they happen, set your e-mail to sample for new messages not every minute, but every half hour or every hour. and finally, do whatever you can to keep that inbox small. it may be -- it may be putting things away in folders, answering the easy ones quickly and then those that you can't decide about, put in a holder folder, get them out of there so you are not overwhelmed by this mass of incoming messages that
2:56 pm
totally blows your mind. >> dr. joanne cantor, thank you so much, the book again is called "conquer cyber overload." i have to admit, i held my blackberry the whole time i talked to you, so don't be mad at me. >> that's understandable. >> i'm thomas roberts, chris jansing is going to be picking up our coverage next. we're following that flight in atlanta, but we haven't seen anything yet. >> once again there,'s a delta flight to portland, oregon that blew a tire on takeoff. now it is expected to land any time now. we don't know yet what's going on on board, what the decision is going to be, whether they might circle a little bit, burn off some fuel. stay tuned, we'll have it all for you here on msnbc. ♪ band: if you were born with money coming out of your whoo-hoo ♪
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this is the scene right now in atlanta, ge


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